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Make Your Business Stand Out Through Custom Furniture

Office furniture speaks volumes about a company's brand identity and culture. That's why we offer customizable sizes, materials, finishes, and colors to seamlessly match any interior. Our advanced production technologies enable the realization of any plan, utilizing high-quality materials.


Make a unique statement and set the perfect atmosphere for your office. From bold, innovative designs for desks, partitions, and workstations to conference tables, reception desks, and chairs, the choice is yours.

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ALPI is your one-stop shop for customized office furniture and woodworking solutions.

We cater to all business types and spaces, including counters, dressing rooms, product shelves, and storage cabinets. We take pride in producing customized furniture that seamlessly incorporates your brand values and colors. We guarantee precise and high-quality furniture production while adhering to international standards of quality control.

ALPI offers a range of woodwork customizations that prioritize durability and design symmetry

We provide a range of furniture customization options, from wood to finishing. That's why our team encourages you to think big and select from high-quality upholstery fabrics, and international-grade wood to ensure your furniture will survive the test of time.

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